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Thanks for visiting! We'd love to hear from you about our website, Divco (or other multi-stop) Trucks, or any thoughts or suggestions you might have. Please contact us and give us your feedback.

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Latest News

  • The Divco Club of America now has a Facebook group page. Click here to join us.
  • The annual 2019 Divco Club banquet will be held on Thursday, October 10th.  At this time, it is expected to be at the Holiday Inn in Grantville, PA. For more information, contact George or Barb Parmelee at or call 203-266-5435 (leave a message).
  • The 2019 fall Hershey, PA, Region Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) swap meet and car show will be held on Wednesday, October 9th through Saturday, October 12th.  

Our Mission

To promote the preservation, restoration, operation and history of Divco Trucks, Milk Trucks, and other Multi-Stop Delivery Vehicles.

DCoA Profile

Founded in 1991 and incorporated in 1998, The Divco Club of America today is a non-profit, educational corporation with members all over the US and Canada. Some own delivery trucks themselves, while others just have an interest in remembering a way of life characterized by multi-stop trucks bringing goods and services right to the door.

Divco History

Trucks built by the Detroit Industrial Vehicle Company and its successors, were once as much a part of the American way of life as baseball and mom's apple pie. Chances are your milkman drove a DIVCO. So did the laundry man, the baker, and even the paper boy's route man. From 1926, until 1986, Divco produced multi-stop delivery trucks unlike any others. Only the VW Beetle stayed in production with the same basic model for a longer period of time. Today many people consider Divco as the icon for the multi-stop delivery era.

Join the Divco Club

If you remember Divco Trucks, or are interested in the history of multi-stop delivery, then you're invited to join us as well. You don't have to own a Divco, or any kind of truck, to join. Membership is open to anyone with an interest. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Membership: dues are $30 per year for all membership types. It includes the next 6 issues of our newsletter, the Divco News, which contains articles about Divco and Multi-Stop History, restoration, operation and collectibles. Share memories with other fans. Our classified ads (see below) help you buy or sell trucks, parts, and memorabilia. And our letter columns help people with like interests keep in touch all across the country. Just mail your Membership Application Form with annual dues to the address below.. Back issues of the Divco News are also available.
  • Trucks and Parts For Sale: The Divco News Classified Section in each issue is the world's best place to buy and sell Divco (and other multi-stop) trucks, parts, and memorabilia. All classified advertising is always FREE to members. We also provide free ads to non-members with multi-stop trucks or parts for sale. We regret we are unable to offer "wanted" ads or "for sale" information to non-members, as our current club membership receives first priority for that sort of information. The information is also NOT available online.
  • News for Members: Sometimes something of interest happens BEFORE the next newsletter goes to press. To communicate more quickly, we publish the information here first. Click here for our Member News Update.
  • The Divco Club Library: contains thousands of pages of parts books, maintenance manuals, advertising materials, and production records. Photocopies are available for a nominal charge. We also have many parts sources available to assist with truck restoration and maintenance. Click here to send an e-mail request to the Club Library. Because of high demand, we regret that we must also limit most library services to current club members.
  • The Divco Club Discussion Group: gives members a chance to discuss their favorite Divco and Multi-Stop subjects online. Provided through Yahoo Groups, the site can be accessed at (You'll have to sign up with Yahoo if you aren't already a Yahoo member.)
  • Show Your Interest: DCoA offers a number of Divco styled and logo* items, including shirts, belt buckles, and even scale model trucks. Proceeds from the sale of these items go to further club goals. You don't have to be a member to purchase, and you can shop online or by mail. Click here to see our current catalog.