The March, 2008 Issue is now being mailed.


  • Getting Involved: Many members got involved in this issue's preparation, from writing columns to organizing truck shows and club activities for this summer. This issue has all the details and more!
  • AACA Museum Display: Through the efforts of Jay Crist, Ted Merritt and Ed O'Brien, there will be a "History of Multi-Stop Delivery" display this summer at the Antique Auto Club of America Museum in Hershey, PA.
  • Local & Regional Shows: You don't have to wait for 2009's convention to see Divcos and other multi-stop trucks. Thanks to several members, we'll be appearing in regional and local shows this summer.
  • Al Marshall recalls John Nicol: Member Al Marshall played a major role in selling Divco trucks for many years. And he had personal knowledge of Divco's undisputed leader, John Nicol. In this issue he begins telling stories about him.
  • Down Memory "Lane": Tom Lane starts off our series of "Memory Lane" features in this issue by showing us his restored 1963, designed to look like the trucks he remembered as a child.
  • Trucks of Baker's Dairy: For years Baker's Dairy provided quality Golden Guenrsey milk for customers around Moline, IL. And they had a neat fleet of Divcos to do it. Ken Baker takes us back to those "good ole" days.
  • Boyertown Moblie Showrooms: Ken Lego takes us inside several Boyertown Merchandiser Vans set up to sell while on the road.
  • Plus the Thorne Corner, Divco Toychest, Literature, Club Mailbox, classifieds, Lego-Land and much more!