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After 15 years in storage, I am finally returning to restoring my Divco. The engine is rebuilt and the main body is mostly restored. Fenders, inner fenders, grill, hoods and headlight panels, side and back doors need some work, but are repairable. I am redoing the brake system. My first attempt of rebuilding the wheel cylinders was unsuccessful. I now know, brakes are not an area to cut costs!!!!!! So, here are my preliminary questions. I am looking for NOS wheel cylinders and a service who can reline the brake shoes. Also, has anyone converted to a dual reservoir master cylinder?
Thanks for any and all comments and expert advise.

June 1, 2018 | Registered CommenterThomas Novak

Give me a call or email john_phone3047@me.com 315 725-3906
I can provide some parts and other sources of supply for brake items also have interchange # for many brake parts so you can locally purchase the items
If you want to convert to dual reservoir try summit racing or get a copy of classic truck as there are a number of suppliers that advertise brake master cyl and related parts


June 9, 2018 | Registered Commenterjohn rienzo