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I am a new/temporary member. I don't own a Divco, but I have a friend that has some divco sheet metal parts (front fenders and headlight surround) that he was going to trash because he's not into divcos and doesn't know any divco owners. It always makes me cringe when usable parts get scrapped, so he gave me permission to find someone in the divco community to take them for free. He just wants them gone. The parts are located in Boyertown PA, but I live in Philadelphia, so I can arrange with someone to pick them up in either place. Message me if you are serious and interested. I know nearly nothing about divco, so I can't provide any info about year make and model. My friend did mention that he thinks they are from a larger and newer divco. I can say the metal is solid with no rot and they are free. If you want them come get them, I can't answer questions about them. I can't seem to post photos in this forum so please message me and I will send the photos. If you can help show me how to post photos that would be great.

April 20, 2018 | Registered CommenterSpencer Halstead